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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Church with Cloister (1/6 part): Church with Cloister and Cathedral

(english version)
I will post in the next days some posts of scenary created with a kit from Manorhouse.
these kits are accurate reproductions of Italian medieval architecture. 
The kit is:"Church with Bell-tower and Cloister"  (bottom of the page linked).
These stuff (in resin and syntostone) is to assemble (you need rasp,cutter and glue) and comes unpainted, so you have to work on it (Link)...but I assure you, that what you get, is something very flexible, that you will use in a thousand ways (you don't spend money and time for one single building)
when I assembled these kit (when they were not yet painted) I was surprised by how many different ways I could combine these pieces together..and more interesting with also material from other brands, like for example Dwarven Forge (DF).
For these reason I choose to don't follow the beatiful paint scheme suggested on Manorhouse website, but to paint everything to match with DF color scheme (the last part 6/6 will be a step by step paint tutorial).
The result on these models, is inferior to the proposed paint scheme, but probably like me you will start to appreciate this choice in some next posts..when we start to combine Manorhouse with DF stuff.

Below on the left, a photo of  the finished kit (the high towers are 2 tower stacked one above the others)
(Italian Version)
Nei prossimi giorni, pubblichero' alune scenografie create con un kit della Manorhouse
questi kit sono delle accurate riproduzioni di edifici medievali italiani.
Il kit e' "Church with Bell-tower and Cloister"  (in fondo alla pagina linkata)
questo prodotto (in resina e syntostone) e' da assemblare (vi servira' una raspa,una lama e tanta colla) ed e' da colorare..insomma dovrete lavorarci (Link), ma vi assicuro che cio' che otterete e' qualcosa di molto flessibile, che potrete usare in mille modi (non spenderete tempo e soldi per avere un solo edificio). Quando gli ho assemblati inizialmente,(prima di dipingerli) sono rimasto sorpreso da quanti possibili modi c'erano di combinare questi pezzi tra loro..e molto piu' interessante di combinarli con altro materiale, come i pezzi della Dwarven Forge(DF)
Per queste ragioni, ho scelto di non seguire lo schema di colori molto bello proposto, ma di dipingere con uno schema di colori simile a quello dei pezzi DF (l'ultimo post dei 6 sara' un tutorial sulla colorazione).
Il risultato su questi modelli e' inferiore dello schema di pittori tipico Manorhouse, ma probabilmente nei prossimi post, apprezzerete come me, la scelta operata, nel momento in cui andremo a combinare questi pezzi con i pezzi DF.
Nella foto a sinistra il pezzi del kit terminato (le torri alte, sono 2 moduli uno sopra l'altro)

(english version): the towers have removable roofs, and are playable inside, with two different (and removable) floors for each tower module.
Also the cloister is playable inside, (if you want you can paint a simple grid as I made or a better one).
Below the proposed/standard setup of this kit:
(Italian version): Le torri hanno tetti rimovibili e sono giocabili all'interno, con 2 differenti (e rimovibili) piani per ogni pezzo di torre. Anche il chiostro e' giocabile dentro (se volete potete fare una semplice griglia come quella che ho fatto io, o qualcosa di piu' elaborato). Sotto la versione proposta/standard per questo kit:

(english version): Below another version proposed by Manorhouse...a small Cathedral..
Note: to obtain these setup you have to damage/modify the church roof, so, if someone want to buy the kit and want mantain the possiblity to build all the possible setups (Church alone, with towers,etc) I suggest you or to ask for an additional roof or to copy it with silicone (Lorenzo owner of Manorhouse also econcurages this solution..for him is not a problem if for personal use you copy something).
(Italian version): Sotto un altra delle versioni proposte da Manorhouse..una piccola cattedrale.
Nota: per ottenere questi setup, dovete tagliare/modificare il tetto della chiesa..se voleteste prendere il kit e volete mantenere la possibilita' di montare tutte le varianti, vi suggerisco di ordinare un tetto aggiuntivo o di copiavelo col silicone (Lorenzo, il proprietario della Manorhouse incoraggia lui stesso questa soluzione, insomma non c'e' problema se per uso personale vi duplicate qualcosa).


(english version):  Ok, this was just the base...
in the next posts you will see, some of the others many combinations you can obtain with these pieces.. 
One of the last post will be, a complete and really interesting (to be honest I love it, and probably it's the best setup I've ever done) big gladiators ARENA, made with the help of DF pieces...
I think that if with a "Church with Cloister" kit, you can make a Gladiator Arena(??!)..we can really say that there is no doubt that these kits are really flexible :-D

(Italian version): Ok questa era solo la base..
nei prossimi post, vedrete alcune delle altre molte combinazioni che potete ottenere con questi pezzi...
uno degli ultimi post sara' una completa ed interessante (ad essere onesti mi piace un sacco e lo considero il piu' bel setup che ho fatto) Arena dei Gladiatori, fatta con l'aiuto dei pezzi della DF.
Io penso che se con un kit di una Chiesa con Chiostro, riusciamo a fare un arena dei gladiatori(!??).. possiamo davvero dire che non c'e' dubbio che questi kit sono flessibili  :-D



  1. very good material
    the table is fantastic
    but isn't it a little bit too small in the manor house to play?

    i guess that Morgar will soon make a church range with DF
    so i will wait and don't buy this material but it is really good and your painting job is very nice
    as usual

  2. I love it! I was playing with the thought of buying some items from Manorhouse Worshop and this is definitely a really good example why I should do it. :)

  3. thanks Tom and Kronos :)
    Tom about my paintjob as you can see in the link below, it's terrible respect the paintjob of Lorenzo (the owner of Manorhouse) :D

    you mean that is small the area inside buildings themselves? or the grass area inside the cloister?

    if you mean the space inside buildings..it's not very big, but consider that is really much larger than "Pardulon" or "Tabletop World" buildings..or consider that a lot of other products are not playable inside..so for me it's really acceptable. If I need very big roooms I use DF..I like that a building it's playable inside, but buildings in my games are mainly for external encouters.

    if you mean the cloister, it's nearly a 10x5 area,maybe the problem are the high vertical walls that hide view..but this is just one of the 1000 possible combinations, if I plan an important combat inside the cloister I use a different setup :)
    in any case I bought 2 additional cloister corridors..and in the next posts you will see that this problem disappear (at least I think so), also because many good setups are with an "open" cloister..like an "U" or an "L".

    but Tom, I don't want to convince you :-)
    if something don't convince you please continue to tell me..
    the only thing, I suggest you to wait also the other posts..because in my opinion the power of this stuff for DF addicted people, it's not yet showed. :D

  4. it was about the space inside
    i know that this stuff is very good, but the problem is that is lot of work ( assemble, glue, paint....)
    enjoy to see your next photos