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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Church with Cloister (2/6 part): Ducal Palace and Compatibility with Dwarven Forge

(english version):The tower measure 10x10cm ,4x4 square with Dwarven Forge (DF), the cloister corridor are 20cm long (8 square). that's means modularity.
looking to the photos below:
(left) DF MBS pieces transform a tower in a medieval house..(center)DF RotA pieces transfor a tower in an arabian tower (right) Here an experiment with Tom Baraban roofs..I had to add thickness under the tower (a modified piece) to match the heights,unfortunately there is no modularity in height.

(Italian version): La torre misura10x10cm, 4x4 quadretti conDwarven Forge (DF) e 20cm la lunghezza dei chiostri (8 quadretti). questo significa modularita'.
Guardando le foto sotto:
(sinistra) pezzi DF MBS trasformano la torre in una casa medievale. (centro) pezzi DF RotA trasformano la torre in una torre araba.(destra) qui un esperimento coi tetti di Tom Baraban..ho dovuto aggiungere uno spessore, in altezza sfortunamente non c'e' modularita'.

(english version): Below there is a Ducal palace..or a noble house inside a medieval city
the height is remarkable, and so the impact on the table if you are sitting is very nice (right photos)
Note: all the photos in these post are made, with the following Manorhouse stuff: one "Church with Bell-Tower and Cloister kit", 2 additional Cloister Corridors, 1 castle Tower, 1 ruined tower (modified by me).

(Italian version): Sotto un palazzo ducale, o un palazzo di un signorotto in una citta medievale
l'altezza e' notevole e da seduti fa la sua scena (foto a destra)
Nota: tutte le foto di questi post, sono fatte col seguente materiale Manorhouse: una "Church with Bell-Tower and Cloister kit", 2 addizionali Corridoi del Chiostro e 1 torre di castello e 1 torre rovinata modificata da me.


 (english version):Below some variants...
(Italian version): Sotto alcune varianti.. 

(english version): below one possible setup.
(Italian version): sotto un possibile setup..

(english version): Below you can have an idea of some of the many "open" configurations..where the cloisters corridors or the buildings do not form a closed figure..a big monastery cloister, and an angle of a big medieval city square.

(Italian version): Sotto potete avere un idea di alcune delle molte configurazioni "aperte", dove i chiostri o le mura non formano una figura chiusa...un grosso chiostro di un monastero, e un angolo di una grande piazza medioevale.


(english version):some random pictures..as you can se, in left picture, is possible to create streets and alleys
(Italian version): Alcune foto casuali..come potete vedere nella figura a sinistra, e' possibile creare strade e vicoli.




  1. truly fantastic!
    everything should be possible
    is it solid? ( can the pieces can fall or it is very well put and no danger to fall?)
    how much did you pay for all this manorhouse stuff?
    and how long to glue and paint?

  2. the only combination not really solid, it's the one with your roofs :-D
    it's obviously not caused by your roofs, but by the DF pieces around the tower to obtain the 6x6 area.
    the rest are quite stable and heavy.
    you can also create a really high tower with all the tower modules stacked and it's stable.

    For all the Manorhouse stuff I paid around 250 euro (300 euro without discount..but there are discount very often..at the moment there is 20% on everything).

    For the time is not easy to say a number of hours...and for example I lost a lot of time finding the right color scheme..
    hmmm probably 3-6 days of work for an average person with some minimal modellism experience.
    yes it's true, takes time..
    for me was ok, because was not time spent for a single building, but was time spent for something that can be used in a lot of different ways.

  3. Bel lavoro. Complimenti! :)