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Monday, 8 August 2011

The Pool...step 1..an Unexpected gelatinous cube..

In these days I decide to create a pool (or a flooded room) to use with my DF pieces.

I glued togheter this pieces..

Now the plan is to fill the room with a clear resin, I used this one:

I went outside on the balcony...
and...unfortunately I found that my resin gone bad...

ok, no pool for the moment...
but at least I found that I can sculpt gelatinous cube from this cilinder :-D

To be continued... when I will buy a new clear resin :-P


  1. excellent idea
    i can guess what exactly you want
    and i know that it will be fantastic
    where dis you get the stairs?
    the half 6x4 piece is a real on or a copy?
    i am jaleous of your fantastic table:)

  2. Hi Tom,
    the stairs are from Manorhouse.
    the half 6x4 comes from the same mold that I made to produce my custom ruined set.

    if this can help, I too am jealous of your table...so what we can do now? ah ah :D

    ah I finished to craft the modified pieces we discuss few months ago...are you still interested? (if you say no it's not a problem)
    I've some problem to paint them, because I've just finished my big container of DF gray color..every time it's complicated to reproduce it..so I need some time.

  3. yes it's already ok
    just tell me when you are ready

    when you get your piece finish
    le's post on the forum
    and tell us wich resin you take
    i guess that i will copy you

  4. you should put the bow tie in the room before putting resin
    but maybe the resin is not clear
    i really want to see this work finish

  5. yes you are right, the resin it's clear so it's better fill the bow ties.
    (this is also a work that I have to do with all my DF pieces...)

    I never used clear resin..I'm not an expert, so it's just an experiment, maybe the result will be a disaster :-D