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Saturday 6 June 2015

Manorhouse Modular Underground Kickstarter

yesterday night I had the possibility to made a setup with my Dwarven Forge pieces and some stuff, not yet on the market (not yet produced!)
I'm talking about the Modular Underground Project from Manorhouse, that will be produced through this Kickstarter
Lorenzo Marchetto, owner of the Manorhouse, ask me to make this setup together, because a lot of people ask him about compatibility with DF.
Note: these parts are prototypes

For more photos of this setup, Click Here
Compatibility with DF:
During the design of the product, as DF fan and collector of many game products of many companies, I was involved by Lorenzo about what his important for compatibility with other game products... we concluded that the most important things are the "horizontal" measure of the modules..and the height of the floors.
the walls haven't the same height as a DF wall...but in my opinion that is not so important...what I think is that rooms can have different heights...and when I make a setup, I always try to "create" diffent heights, in order to have a more eastetic/dynamic view and not-flat view.

The product:
In the picture below what you get with 1 box...(remember that these are prototypes)
the material is hard plastic..and you get the parts inside sprues.
The product at the moment is only unpainted, but Manorhouse is doing estimates in order to find a way to offer also a pre-painted version of the product. I will update here if there are news.
The cost is very interesting.
55$ for 1 box, and 100$ if you buy 2 boxes...with 2 boxes you get also access to the free rewards of the Kickstarter.
Note, that there are floors in excess, so if in a setup, you need only standard floors (not sewers) is not a problem.

Setup with 1 box:

Is possible to raise more levels, putting a wall above the other.

The walls are interchangeable with arch,doors, grate (and with possible future add-ons), so you can change the design of your dungeon in many way, with the same parts.

The first step if the Kickstarter will go ok, is the stairs and wooden floors...I think that the setups you can create with this addittional pack, are amazing.

 Another Pack that could be introduced introduced if the Kickstarter is going very well, are the gothic walls...

if you need more information visit the Manorhouse blog:


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  1. Looks great in these pictures and I want some. Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Their campaign held on June 19, 2015 at 6pm (12 pm CST in the US). I hope they got enough money to build outstanding work.