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Wednesday 25 December 2013

"Sepulcrum" a DF compatile set.

my friend "Capochino" is producing this Dwarven Forge compatible Set, that in my opinion is very nice.

look at this link (italian and english) for all the informations,
I'have one set on my table and I'm very happy,
one of the things that i prefer, is that this set is good also "naked"..
I mean, without skeletons stuff...
fit very well for egyptian rooms, or dwarven rooms, or many things like that, I'm doing some experiments (the dwarven statue is not included, is a sculpture from a guy named Bombur)

 In the next months Capochino, probably is going to prepair an expansion for this set (also a completely different set is in progress) and probably also some "expansion pieces" that we can use instead of the skeleton stuff...in this way is possible to use the set in different way...
the idea is that you buy a SET...and then you can buy some SMALL expansions, in order to "dress" your set in a different way...

Immagine that instead of the skeletons, for example you get dwarven sculptures or hieroglyphs on the walls, or tapestries, etc etc...
are only possible EXAMPLES, I'm not sure of what will be exactly produced, and probably Capochino want to know what the people really want..but I think that the idea is very interesting :)

Merry Christmas to everyone

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