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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Haunted Crypts

The characters penetrate into the former church of the good deity Alasias, now consecrated to the evil god, Gorgien .Are on the trail of one of the six undead-lords in the city of Gadamar ... The Cardinal Madian ... once an high-priest of good, who deny his God with terrible acts .. and now a ghost cleric of Gorgien ..

The church is protected...shadows, come out of the walls ..and a skeletal knight and his two servants block the passage to our heroes ...

Defeated opponents, the group finds and activates the mechanism that rotates the wall and access to lower parts of the crypt.
a corridor continues in a larger room ..

A Skull-Guardian materializes ... green flashes from the empty eye holes .. magical glyphs on its surface ...
tough fight ..

 Sinister apparitions appear and then disappear ... ethereal figures of men, women and children .. devoured by the flames ... innocent victims of the horrors that took place within this place..the group is scared..Opened a portal , spectre (priests that were faithful  to Cardinal Midian) arrive into the room ...

The last guardian ...a huge giant skeleton (from Reaper Bones) presiding over the hall..his mace is a whole tombstone ( on which the treacherous Cardinal Midian has casted a "widened" silence..no vocal spells in the room )


Finally the crypt of the sacrifices ...here, our heroes meet the ghost ..and they destroy it ...

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