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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Custom Dwarven Forge Ruins set

Some pieces (the ruined corner walls and the ruined gate) are made with Hirst Arts molds (Mold #70,#74,#75)
The others are modified Dwarven Forge pieces..
to avoid to damage original DF pieces and to work with soft material, I made a Silicone mold of some DF piece, then I've casted  them with plaster (an hard plaster).
then with a nippers I've "ruined" these pieces one by one..

The idea to modify DF pieces to obtain ruined pieces, was born to avoid the nightmare of the overseas shipment with customs and no informations on the package for many days, but all the process was very time consuming (I had also to paint them) and no cheap..my conclusion at the end, is that was propably better to buy directly the new Ruins Set :-D
So I will suggest only the Hirst Arts part, that give the possibility to raise the height of the ruins very easily and allows a lot of different combinations using different ruined walls in the middle of a room.


  1. Very good job
    tour custom pieces are amazing
    how did you make them?

  2. Hello Tom,
    thanks for compliments :)
    I'm adding a short explanation in the beginning of the post.

  3. would you sell some non painted pieces you made?
    because this work is really great
    thanks Tom

  4. Grande Endar! Questa roccaforte in rovina è bellissima... Che ne dici di metterci un po' di mini che si fronteggiano?!? Sarebbe una "foto" ideale per il bannere del mio sito ;)

  5. what about a trade so?
    Are you always ok?

  6. damn, sorry..you are right Tom, I have too many things to do in these weeks (moving to a new house)..and so was not a perfect moment to think also to an international trade..I will check what I could have of interesting and I will send you an email soon as possible in the next weeks.